Most students who sign up at Max Acro, sign up for the UNLIMITED TRAINING STUDENT combo package. This is the most popular package because there’s a discount, and because it includes ratings through your P2 and unlimited access to radio supervision for flight training from P1-P4. At MAX ACRO PARAGLIDING, we believe in a lifetime of education and believe that spending more time focusing on the fundamentals will give you a more enjoyable experience in the long run. We expect you’ll be an exceptional pilot for life. We will train you to the same standards that were used to teach the 2014 US National Champion, the US Aerobatics Champion, the World Aerobatics record holder, and many more. The UNLIMITED TRAINING STUDENT package tuition includes brand new 2-meter radio, free access to our online ground school education system and testing fees for P1&P2. The curriculum is 160 hours and takes most pilots 16-20 days to complete. After that you are able to fly without supervision at a number of P2 sites across the globe. Come back anytime after that while we are working with others students for unlimited radio supervision and flight guidance/instruction while you work towards your P3 or P4. There is no time limit to complete your training in and we welcome you into our classes anytime! Enroll online now and get started today! Before the end of your P2, you must purchase gear with Max Acro Paragliding. **A credit card must be put on file for this package. In the event that gear is not purchased by the 35th instructed flight, students will be transferred to our option B package and the credit card on file will be charged the $600 difference in packages. ***San Diego Paragliding School has student gear for students free of charge for students below P1 rating/5 flights. After that gear is available for daily rental of $80.

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