WHAT IS SIV: WHO SHOULD ATTEND: SIV is for all skill level, whether you just got your P2 or you have been flying a lifetime, an SIV course gives you experience and skills to help you in every flight you take. DETAILS: We provide two full time tow boats, winches and drivers as well as a dedicated rescue boat and driver to speed up turn around time. It’s great fun with a big group of pilots at all skill levels. Pre-requisites for all Acro pilots… bring it and go big!!! Meeting time on Thursday will be 4pm at Lake Berryessa Meeting time is 4 pm the first day of the clinic at the Pleasure Cove Marina and Campground. The 4pm meeting time will cover pre-clinic lecture, equipment check, reserve check, tow bridle installation, and maneuvers discussions. Please book accommodations at the campground Pleasure Cove. A list will be posted a few weeks before the clinic if you would like to share cabins or campsites with other clinic attendees. Pleasure Cove Marina Meeting time on Friday morning is 6:00 am at the boat launch. Please don’t be late. The combination of SIV basics and advanced acro training by these two instructors is exceptional. The combination of clinic lectures, maneuvers discussions, personalized coaching on the radio, and video will accelerate your learning curve like never before.