The QUATRO LIGHT is our ‘1% reserve parachute’. It weighs only 1% of the maximum certified payload (sizes 90, 110 & 130) and combines fast opening, stable descent and low sink rate. QUATRO LIGHT is the number one rescue parachute in our range for travelers, hike & fly pilots and for all those who closely focus on the weight of their equipment. Reserve weight 0.9-1.2

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A reserve parachute is very much like life insurance or a car airbag: You are definitely not in a hurry to experience how reliable it really is.

QUATRO LIGHT combines all of the advantages for those pilots who will indeed use it one day and towards the large majority of the pilots who will only carry it and have it repacked on regular basis.

Lightness and compactness are qualities that can be enjoyed every day of paragliding adventures, but the features that allow us to reach a low weight and a small size are also the features that bring the faster opening, the low sink rate and the longer lifespan of QUATRO LIGHT.

In the design process of a reserve parachute, superlatives are the enemy and perfect balance of the features is the key. If you take the strongest fabric, it will for sure be heavier. If you take the lightest fabric, it will for sure be more fragile. This is the reason why, for Quatro light, we developed our own high density and low porosity fabric.

The design of QUATRO LIGHT is based 30 g/m2 fabric with high tensile and tearing strength, above average elongation at break and well controlled air permeability.

The light weight of the fabric and its low porosity allow us to reach a low sink rate with a reduced area. A smaller rescue is not only lighter, but also tends to open faster.

What do pilots like about QUATRO LIGHT?

  • It is very light (only 900 g in size 90), which speeds up the opening and also results in less bulk in your harness

  • The corner vents help to dampen the opening shock and to increase stability

  • Stability immediately after deployment - a canopy that needs time for stabilization is of no use when thrown just a few meters above the ground

  • Low sink rate

  • Easy to service and repair

The main distinctive features are:

  • The QUATRO LIGHT´s cloth was specially developed for this application. It is one of the easiest square reserves to pack, as it does not slide left and right like other heavily silicone-coated materials.

  • All sizes have identical patterns; there is no need to study different packing techniques for different sizes.

  • Polyamide center lines absorb the opening shock, while super light Dyneema lines help to reduce the weight and care for perfect stability.

  • All lines are linked to the canopy via traditional loops and reef knots and the riser is also linked to the lines with a reef knot. This makes the replacement of a damaged line much easier and much less costly.

  • Special packing loops on top of the canopy further assist the ease of packing, making QUATRO LIGHT the most simple to pack square reserve.

  • Laser cutting of all panels prevents fraying and ensures the highest precision.

  • Volumes between 2,6 and 3,7 l, making it fit into the smallest harness pockets

  • Ultralight 4-flap inner container with labeled flaps