Are you ready for the next adventure of your lifetime? We should change the scenery for your next paragliding trip. Let’s venture to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala! Explore the local areas, PARAGLIDING (fly yourself or take a tandem with local pilots-daily trip to launch scheduled) hiking, exploring, cobalt tour and more. Center yourself in yoga, soar above it all while paragliding, relax on the beach or lay back on the deck at night and admire the night sky and the million star experience! Take a break from your everyday lives and leave behind your worries. Fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle taking your problems away and leaving you rejuvenated and cleansed. This retreat offers paragliding and other activities at the same time-making it ideal for non flying partners/friends to stay entertained while their flying counterparts are paragliding. Your Retreat Package Includes: * 7 days/6 nights stay at a gorgeous retreat location!!! * optional daily day activities * Intriguing places to explore * Private retreat catering and dining at amazing local shops (vegan, plant-based, dairy/gluten-free options available) * PARAGLIDING OPTION (additional fees will apply for tandems)

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  • Return Policy: CANCELLATION POLICY: Over 75 days prior: Full refund 45-75 days prior: 50% refund Within 45 days prior: No refund * Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis. CHECK-IN: Check in times will be emailed out ahead of time. Client is responsible for being at check in location at the time each trip/clinic begins. FACILITIES: All facilities on trip/clinic are tested and approved for safety, comfort and quality. MEDICAL CONCERNS: If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please connect with us prior to booking your trip/clinic and we will work with you to create your best possible experience.

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Monday-Wednesday: fly into Guatemala City and take a cab to Panajachel/Lake Atitlan.  Cab prices are approximately $80 to the lake. We do not recommend Uber or the chicken bus for this transfer to avoid confusion for pickups and the safety of your belongings. It is safest and easiest (and obviously more beautiful) to not travel at night to the Lake.  Please arrive during the day or stay the night in the city to wait until daylight to travel.  Ready to begin exploring or flying early? we can help with everything so you are ready and equipped.  Hassle free group arrangements for almost any activity you wish to explore.

THURSDAY: arrive in Panajachel a small community located right on the waters edge of Lake Atitlan.  This is one of the safest towns and locations in the entire country and is breathtaking.
3pm Meet group at housing accommodations for checkin to our awesome home for the weekend!

We will settle in, take a tour down to the paragliding LZ for a brief site introduction and for a first look at the various shops, restaurants and local culture of the town.  Followed by a delicious family dinner of authentic Guatemalan cuisine!

FRIDAY: choose your own adventure each day!! We will offering paragliding all day for those who want to fly.  Or fly and join the other group at any point to participate in the other group activities. Don’t paraglide but want to go tandem? We can arrange that! (Extra fees may be incurred-check with us)

In the morning we will be headed to the farmers market for a lesson on native foods hosted by a local chef from the area. Enjoy fruits and veggies you have never seen, explore the various handmade mayan arts and crafts and collect the supplies we will need to learn how tonight’s dinner will be made from scratch!

After lunch we will find ourselves hiking over suspension bridges and dancing in front of waterfalls at the butterfly pavilion.  Spot monkeys and other unique wildlife and then stop at the pavilion itself to be surrounded with a variety of unique and beautiful butterflies and yes, we will take your picture ❤️

We will also be dropping in to a local Cacao shop to see how Guatemalan chocolate is made and of course Indulge!!  

Group dinner will be made by a local chef from the goodies we gathered in the morning at the market!

SATURDAY: DONT FORGET- choose your own adventure each day!! We will offering paragliding all day for those who want to fly.  Or fly and join the other group at any point to participate in the other group activities.  Don’t paraglide but want to go tandem? We can arrange that! (Extra fees may be incurred-check with us)

Today we will also offer the option to head over by boat on the lake to a nearby village to learn how the local textiles are made by hand and participate in a hands on demonstration. We will then explore the village a little bit to see the unique attributes of San Pedro one of the Lakes various and widely different villages.  local artist shops, authentic Guatemalan coffee shops and more.  

“San Pedro is a “Gringo Trail” hotspot and the backpacker mecca of Lake Atitlan. Everyday countless backpackers arrive from either San Cristobal, Mexico in the north or Antigua, Guatemala in the south. As a result, the city is a serious party town. There are loads of hostels, hotels, clubs, and bars along the lagoon.  However, San Pedro is also home to thousands of locals. A short walk up the hill reveals a thriving city. There’s a wondering little market, a grand white Cathedral, and the hiking entrance to Volcan San Pedro.” ( will have lunch while we are out and about.

The rest of the afternoon is reserved for browsing and exploring the town of Panajachel.  You can join us on a group mission or embark out on your own.

SUNDAY: Last day for all inclusive!  Don’t want to go just yet? Let us know and we will arrange for your stay to be extended either by yourself or with your new friends from the group!  

Pilots! We are flying everyday so join us anytime! Can’t get enough sky crack? we can make sure you get up to launch safely each day even after we have ended the all inclusive trip.  

Staying behind? Well then, let’s take spend our morning with a boat ride to San Marcos.  We can take a yoga class, book you a massage or just explore.  

“San Marcos is hippie heaven. This town is all about yoga, grunge, dreds, psychedelics, Reiki, massages, and lots of free love.

But even if you’re not a hippie or spiritually inclined, San Marcos is definitely worth a visit. It has a few excellent restaurants and cafes serving delicious Indian curries and herbal teas. It’s also home to a small natural reserve and Lake Atitlan’s iconic 8 meter high cliff jump.” (

SUNDAY AFTERNOON marks the end of this all inclusive adventure.  Stick around and join us for a few more days or ask us about recommended travel spots after your stay with us.