World Famous Paragliding Location Oludeniz Turkey meets World Renowned Instructor Max Marien in a Paragliding and Adventure Experience of a Lifetime. Every other instructor is offering SIV in Oludeniz ONLY-let’s ditch the intensity and just go for a fun paragliding trip instead. No required maneuvers, no stress, just a bunch of pilots exploring this incredible part of the world.

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  • Return Policy: CANCELLATION POLICY: Over 75 days prior: Full refund 45-75 days prior: 50% refund Within 45 days prior: No refund * Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis. CHECK-IN: Check in times will be emailed out ahead of time. Client is responsible for being at check in location at the time each trip/clinic begins. FACILITIES: All facilities on trip/clinic are tested and approved for safety, comfort and quality. MEDICAL CONCERNS: If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please connect with us prior to booking your trip/clinic and we will work with you to create your best possible experience.

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It doesn’t get any more beautiful than the beaches of Oludeniz Beach Turkey and the flying doesn’t get any better than when you launch from Babadag Mountain in Oludeniz.  Flying everyday, consistent weather, and gondola access to launch. Add in flying and traveling with Max Marien of Max Acro Paragliding and you have the recipe for one of the best trips of your life!!  

Now let’s throw in the Oludeniz International Air Games with pilots from around the world joining you to not only fly but party under the stars to epic DJs on the giant main stage, meet and greet some of your favorite paragliding athletes, get awesome event swag and more!  A dream come true right?!

TRIP Includes:

Do as much or as little as you want!!! Want to get in 6 runs and never stop flying? No problem.  Want to skip half the day or go take a boat tour, we have an onsite tour guide ready to take you out to explore.  Did you come with family and friends and half want to fly and the other half something else….yep you guessed it, we got you! 

It’s a choose your own adventure style trip!

Accommodations Include:

BEACH 222 Ölüdeniz

I have just two words for you: PRIVATE BEACH! Yes that is right, Beach 222 Oludeniz is within the Blue Lagoon National Park and has its own private beach.  Accommodations are located in the shopping district and are walking distance to all of the restaurants and bars. Including right next to the shuttles that take us to launch.   They have double occupancy individual cabins with private little decks, rainfall showers, and more- an Instagramable daydream.

BREAKFASTS INCLUDED enjoy a local cuisine breakfast each morning at the beach front onsite restaurant at Beach 222.


Meaning “jug” in Turkish, testi or pottery kebab is an Oludeniz speciality prepared in a clay pot or jug. It’s usually made with lamb, beef, or chicken with vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and potatoes. Traditionally cooked in a tandoor or clay oven, the pot is sealed and left to simmer in its own juices for hours. We invite you to join us for this traditional dinner on Saturday night.

Air Games Signups Include:

In order to access the mountain and fly you will need to signup as a pilot for the Oludeniz International Air Games onsite when we arrive.  Signups include a lot of perks and are a great way to participate in what may be your first paragliding event.  In prior years the fee has been between $30-50 so we expect we will all pay about the same again this year. 

Past Perks have included:

Security sectioned off and protected LZ from pedestrians to prevent collisions.

Discounted bus, lift and gondola tickets 

Cool swag like event t-shirts, hats, buffs, bags

Certificate of Participation in the International Air Games

Overall a great purchase!


  • 3-4 days of flying and or sight seeing

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • Family Dinner Experience

  • Travel Guide for Optional Adventures


  • Airfare and shuttle to hotel (we recommend the onsite bus transport)

  • Additional Food/ drink outside of breakfast and family night

  • Additional or optional activities fees

  • Launch fees and bus/gondola/lift tickets

  • That GENIUNE fake bag you know you will want to buy 


  • USHPA P3 license or above or international equivalent license

  • Paragliding Equipment

    • Certified paraglider 

    • Certified harness

    • Reserve parachute

    • Helmet

    • Radio

    • Hook Knife

    • Life Jacket

  • Insurance