3 Day Clinic - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - Little Black Gliderport San Diego BASIC AND ADVANCED RATING (previously known as T1 and T3) Learn how to share your passion of flying with others in this clinic to learn tandem techniques for flying, how to instructor via tandem, tandem rules and regulations for our industry and more. Day 1-2 training DAY 3 testing and additional flights training for advanced rating requirements (minimum of 25 required per USHPA) Advanced Tandem Pilot flights cannot be completed during training weekend as a minimum of 7 flying days is required. Furthermore, pilots are encouraged to spend as much time as they need to feel ready for the responsibly of an advanced tandem instructor rating. Check flights, testing and sign offs are scheduled individually with Advanced Tandem Instructor students and are included with clinic. Already have your T1? You can join us during this clinic to work on or achieve your T3 rating. Rates: *FREE with purchase of new gear (please contact school to arrange 619-880-7669) *$1495 without gear purchase T3 only clinic: FREE to prior T1 students of Max Acro *$750 for new t3 students

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  • Return Policy: CANCELLATION POLICY: Over 75 days prior: Full refund 45-75 days prior: 50% refund Within 45 days prior: No refund * Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis. CHECK-IN: Check in times will be emailed out ahead of time. Client is responsible for being at check in location at the time each trip/clinic begins. FACILITIES: All facilities on trip/clinic are tested and approved for safety, comfort and quality. MEDICAL CONCERNS: If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please connect with us prior to booking your trip/clinic and we will work with you to create your best possible experience.

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These three (3) day clinics offer all the knowledge, skills, and mindset coaching that you will need to be a safe and successful tandem pilot.  

Basic Tandem Instructor (T1) - Paraglider Certification Requirements

1. For Basic Tandem Instructor Certification, a candidate must:

a) Meet all requirements for Instructors stated in 12-13.02-A "General Requirements for ALL Instructors being Certified or Re-Certified.

b) Successfully complete a minimum two-day Tandem Instructor clinic administered by a Tandem Administrator. One day of the clinic is devoted to tandem flying certification. A second day is devoted to the use of the USHPA Tandem Training Syllabus, teaching techniques for training student pilots using tandem gliders, and the Fundamentals of Instruction. Tandem Instructor

T1 with gear purchase
T1 without gear
T3 continuing student
T3 new student