NEXT CLINIC LOCATION: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - LITTLE BLACK CA (Need a clinic on your mountain in our region? Contact us to set one up!) Max Acro Paragliding offers instructor clinics to earn your Basic Instructor and/or Advanced Instructor ratings for paragliding. These clinics are three (3) days long. Pilot pre-requisite for basic instructors is P4. Minimum for advanced instructors is P4, basic instructor for 1 year, and 500 flights and 250 hours. We also have extensive mentoring programs.

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  • Return Policy: CANCELLATION POLICY: Over 75 days prior: Full refund 45-75 days prior: 50% refund Within 45 days prior: No refund * Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis. CHECK-IN: Check in times will be emailed out ahead of time. Client is responsible for being at check in location at the time each trip/clinic begins. FACILITIES: All facilities on trip/clinic are tested and approved for safety, comfort and quality. MEDICAL CONCERNS: If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please connect with us prior to booking your trip/clinic and we will work with you to create your best possible experience.

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Instructor Clinics are designed to offer all of the information to successful guide a student into their piloting career. This clinic will help you master the skills of teaching paragliding safely and effectively. This clinic is open to ALL Intermediate or higher rated pilots, plus pilots need a minimum of 200 flying days and 300 flights and completion of a reserve clinic and two additional clinics from the following list: Thermal/X-C, Ridge Soaring, Tandem, and Towing. This clinic will serve as an Instructor Training Seminar (ITS) as well as an Instructor Evaluation (IE) for purposes of USHPA SOP requirements. An Instructor Apprenticeship of 40 hours is required and can be arranged by contact our company ahead of time to help pair you with a suitable apprentice training instructor.