Travelling is our passion and exploring new places is the challenge we all love. We created KEA 2 - a light, durable, safe, high-performance and versatile, light-weight glider - to become pilots’ perfect companion for travelling, Hike and Fly, Vol Bivouac and Vol et Ski. We made KEA 2 with a passion for details, precision and quality because we know that when you are on your own at take-off, or in the air, you need to trust your glider entirely. Flat aspect ratio 4.95 Weight of the glider 2.76-3.15 Take-off weight 55-125 3D cut Developed by Sky Paragliders since 2004. Now classic 3D shaping of the leading edge for an aerodynamically cleaner canopy.

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Sometimes we Hike and Fly off the beaten track, sometimes we need to fit our gear into airline-size hand luggage, often - when flying Vol Bivouac - we need the glider to get us over a seemingly endless stretch of a forested area with no option to land. Which is why we designed - KEA 2; a light-weight, durable, safe, high-performance wing which is efficient in thermals, safe in rough air and a real pleasure to fly.

Why do pilots like KEA 2?

  • It is a highly versatile, light-weight wing, perfect for travelling, Hike and Fly, Vol Bivouac and Vol et Ski.
  • KEA 2 is a full-size glider (24.9 m2 in size M). It performs way better than its predecessor KEA, thanks to many design improvements. 
  • Its lightness is achieved by using light materials and by smart designing techniques in the canopy´s inner structure.
  • It has excellent take-off characteristics which will give you peace of mind if you encounter a tricky take off in even trickier conditions.
  • KEA 2 is a glider with a special touch, direct handling and excellent dynamics. It is a real fun-to-fly paraglider that is very efficient in thermals.
  • KEA´s 2 dedicated inner bag helps to pack the canopy really small and makes it a perfect companion for travelling by plane (5.8 kg for Kea 2 M + CRUX with X-AirbagSky Lite L).

The main distinctive features are:

  • EN/LTF A certified glider with lots of passive safety;
  • Smart line plan makes for easy pre-flight checking;
  • Only 2.95 kg in M size;
  • Five sizes to cover take-off weights from 55 to 125 kg.
  • The leading edge is reinforced by a combination of Hypalon rods and mini Nylon reinforcements for smooth take-offs and high durability.