This certification program adds to the skills acquired in the P1 certification. The Max Acro Paragliding P2 program will teach you the fundamentals of flight and provide you with the skills, knowledge and ability to make decisions as the Pilot in Command. The 15-20 day program will provide you with beginner and intermediate training in launching, landing, soaring flights, thermal flights, basic cross country skills, and tandem flights with more experienced instructors. The training curriculum is approximately 160 hours and includes: All ushpa required hours of classroom theory on topics such as: Basic & advanced meteorology, aerodynamics, site analysis, flight planning, equipment, risk management, flight maneuvers & dynamics, ridge soaring, thermal flight, cross country flights, and many more. Unlimited hours of field instruction include: Basic & advanced launch techniques, landing techniques, reserve usage & deployments, advanced ground handling, speed control, turning, etc. Additional hours of flight instruction include: Turning Basic and advanced flight maneuvers Flights in wind, ridge soaring, and dynamic lift, mountain flights in thermals, beginner cross country training Flights on the coast, in the mountains, over flatlands & deserts, and from tow winches weather permitting 35 flights from a variety of different flying sites Descent techniques (big ears, whip stalls, crabbing, accelerated flights)

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