P1 (Beginner) This program takes you from your first day of learning to the point where you can launch and land a paraglider with confidence in simple soaring conditions. The program provides emphasis: Ground Handling Skills (kiting, canopy control, cross wind, light wind, and strong winds, inflation and deflation techniques) Launching (Forward and Reverse) Landing (Aircraft style approaches, Figure 8’s, S-turns) Flying Skills (flat turns, banked turns, flight at trim speed, minimum sink, best glide) Understanding of: Preflight Checklists Aerodynamics Meteorology Equipment maintenance & care Risk Management Site Analysis & Flight Planning Flying in lift, sink, thermals, turbulence The program provides the introduction to most aspects of a paragliding flight, with an emphasis on ground handling, confident and controlled launches, and smooth landings! The P1 program is perfect for the new pilot that is interested in trying out the sport. The program is designed as a prerequisite to the P2 (Novice) certification. Warning The P1 program provides just enough knowledge and skill to be dangerous if unsupervised. Please do not attend a P1 training program and assume you are a competent pilot upon completion. The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) require all P1 rated pilots to fly under constant instructor supervision!

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